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Monday, December 9, 2013

Shhhh, silence please T.T

Salam Alaykum dear bloggers.

Well today my entry might be sounds soo emotional but I hope you guys will bear with it. Sobss T.T

This semester is my last semester at here insyaAllah. And there is some problems with hemm well lets not say that here. And honestly I'm not so myself right now. But I do really hope it will solves completely soon. Pray for me ehh.

Eventhough I say that my wish is to be a matured lady when I'm at my 20 but lets say it did not happend according to my wish. Huhuuuuu.

I became hemm more emotional (sometimes *back up diri*) and well I don't want to list it here T.T

To be precise, I am not that easy to tell others about my problems, my feelings and the list goes on. Told 'ya before.

And my brother, yess my only big brother, eventhough I'm not soo 'kamceng' with him, but I told you he is one of my best listener. Yess it is.

Kadang-kadang apa yang aku tak berani nak slow talk atau pon ladies talk dengan akak-akak aku, aku akan citer dengan abang aku. Aku akan mintak pendapat dia. Aku akan luahkan apa yang terbuku dalam hati aku ni sampai aku lega *huwaaa rasa mcm tingkat 10 ni bakal 'banjir' malam ni*

Just now, I talked to him about my current problems at here, at this semester. And Alhamdulillah, maybe he is not so much older than me, so he understand my problem and give his opinion with a good talk.

And now, I did not say that I'm feeling very good you know, but well those super duper moody grumpy mood is gone I think. Yeyyy at least I will go to sleep with a smile at my face right? *wink wink*

To my brother, thanks abang. Thank you very much for being such a awesome brother for me. I pray the best for you too. Jazakallahu Khairan Khatira :')

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